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My name is Seb. I am a gay transman.

I am a Litvak Ashkenazi, antitheist, Bolshevik-Leninist, introverted dialectical materialist.


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In-Fighting is the Greatest Far-Left Setback

I see it constantly, in every far left forum, webpage, and organization. If you go on the Occupy Wall Street forum, there is a 1:1 ratio of useful to in-fighting threads.


How can we be a solidarity movement if we can’t work together? We are angry at the injustices done by the state but never think of the injustices done to one another. I understand the anger that you feel at the state and the anxiety you have about creating the “perfect” revolution.

But face it: revolution is as much of a deadline, goal-oriented plan as reaching utopia. Revolutions have some solid planning, some spontaneous action, some theory, some violence, some disagreement, and some disappointment. You cannot expect that everyone is going to agree with you on everything, so embrace the fact that we can take multiple approaches and use our multitude of visions to strengthen, not weaken, the movement.

So, instead of attacking an idea, movement, or plan, explain where you think the flaws are and propose an alternative. Allow a reasoned discussion over the pros and cons of each side. Don’t resort to ad homenim attacks if possible, and don’t blanket reject what someone says.

The bottom line is we all believe that capitalism must end, that radical changes need to be made. We do agree - why not let that be the focus of the far left discourse.

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